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Welcome to my Creative Studio

A DEVOTED PROFESSIONAL, DEDICATING EVERY SECOND OF MY WORK DAY TO PERFECTION… Located in San Diego, California and continuously working on a variety of projects, involving the creation of logos, web design, product packaging, promotional pieces, marketing collateral, brand identity, illustration, book design, video, film and photography serving a wide variety of industries. Web/Graphic Designer, Photographer and Fine Artist living in Southern California, currently working at my studio on a broad variety of design, photography and film projects.

Ericka Arguedas

Ericka Arguedas



Diseñadora Gráfica y Web, Fotógrafa y Artista Plástica del Sur de California.

Ericka began her career as an In-House Graphic Designer and Assistant for U.S. Capital, a Sports and Entertainment Company in 2005. She gained vast experience across different media from print, video to web design and had the opportunity to travel and represent the company in China and Latin America. Since 2012, she has been working in the Film Industry as a Location Production Assistant at Blumhouse Productions in Los Angeles, Ericka helps manage a variety of movie locations, accommodating all film crew departments and cast on the movie set. She also gets an inside look at the complete movie production process from beginning to end. Ericka’s photography work has been published in the Wall Street Journal and has been used in a variety of advertising pieces across the nation. Ericka’s Web/Graphic Design, Photography and Film experience will assist you on the development of your business branding across all media and in two different languages (English/Spanish). In her spare time, you can find her out photographing the town, oil painting, cooking, gardening at home and out in the ocean or the mountains.

My portfolio: Optometro is a word that describes the power of an image and how your brain interprets that information. Because the human eye naturally moves from one element to another in a “Z pattern”, Designers’ have the power to trick the brain by positioning the flow and intent of the imagery making the overall aim of the design meaningful. From the observer’s point of view, the mechanics of the image need to be simple, to easily find the meaning of the underlying concept. The traditional Chinese written language is based on a series of symbols, which do not translate into letters, but into concepts and phrases. Symbols for the most part are an universal language that can artistically transmit the same concept to any observer. Graphically, an artist will strive to make these symbols universal, without a restrictive language or cultural pretense.

Mi portafolio: Optometro es una palabra que describe el poder de una imagen y la manera cómo el cerebro la interpreta. Porque el ojo humano se mueve naturalmente de un elemento a otro en una “pauta Z”, los Diseñadores tienen el poder de engañar al cerebro posicionando el flujo y la intención de las imágenes que hacen el objetivo general del diseño significativo. Desde el punto de vista del observador, la mecánica de la imagen debe ser sencilla, con motivo de encontrar fácilmente el significado del concepto fundamental. El idioma escrito, tradicional chino es basado en una serie de símbolos, que no se traducen a letras, sino a conceptos y frases. Los símbolos en mayor parte son un idioma universal que pueden transmitir artísticamente el mismo concepto a cualquier observador. Gráficamente, un artista se esforzará por hacer estos símbolos universales, sin un idioma restrictivo o pretensión cultural.

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